• Ashley Galvins Yoga and Flexibility Perfection at Vista Celestial

    At our most recent yoga spotlight here at Vista Celestial, we were lucky enough to bring in the ultra talented Ashley Galvin. I had been following her for quite some time on Instagram, so I was thrilled that we would have the …

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  • 4 Things to Experience In Costa Rica

    Small towns often offer the most in terms of adventure and luxury. This is because most of these naturally beautiful places are still undiscovered by the masses, keeping them peaceful, uncontaminated zones for everyone with an adventure-lust. One such place to experience on your next vacation is Uvita, in Costa Rica.

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  • The Jungles Of Costa Rica… The Perfect Destination For An Epic Production


    Costa Rica has always had the allure of Hollywood , photographers, and models alike, searching for that perfect photo shoot or next blockbuster hit location and hoping to capture a once in a lifetime shot. It’s no wonder why so many are drawn to Costa Rica, …

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  • Yoga Model and Creative Director Riva G Has a Moment of Tranquility in the Costa Rican Jungle

    What happens when you combine the serenity of the rainforest with a top yoga model and creative director? You get some mind blowing photo ops and a serious dose of inspiration. Recently, we were lucky enough to have the talented Riva G come visit us here at …

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  • Yoga Wonder Woman Fit Queen Irene Pappas Visits Vista Celestial


    Irene Pappas

    We were recently lucky enough to have yoga wonder woman Irene Pappas come visit us here in the jungle at Vista Celestial. Irene is among the top Yoga related accounts found on Instagram today, with nearly 500,000 followers. After watching her do her thing for 5 …

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  • Your Perfect Honeymoon in Costa Rica! An Experience like No Other

    Are you planning a honeymoon? You couldn’t have picked a better location than Costa Rica! With so much to offer and amaze you, this number 1 tourist destination will surely keep you entertained and pampered throughout your trip!

    We know that you probably want your honeymoon to be …

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  • Making the Most of Your Trip to Uvita







    So, you have finally chosen Uvita as your next vacation spot! You couldn’t have picked a better location, with the town offering everything that you could possibly ask for! If you have been craving a quiet and relaxing getaway, then a stay at a …

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  • Things to do in Uvita, Costa Rica


    For the tourist looking to have it all, Costa Rica is pretty spot on, which is why thousands of tourists flock to this beautiful destination each year to take advantage of the sun, surf, senoritas and a whole list of words which end with “as”. When …

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  • Yoga In The Jungle At Vista Celestial

    yoga yoga2 yoga3

    One of my favorite recent additions to our property here at Vista Celestial is our brand new covered yoga platform in the jungle.

    We finished the construction of this tropical new platform in …

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  • Hidden In The Jungle

    Luxury Saltwater Pools around the worldVista Celestial Luxury Villa Estate in Costa RicaLuxury Honeymoons in Costa Rica at Vista Celestial

    For those of you looking for a private getaway, hidden from the …

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  • Vista Celestial Tropical Flavors

    One of my favorite things to do while traveling is to taste all of the local flavors. Here at Vista Celestial we grow all of the fruit, vegetables and herbs used in our restaurant to ensure the freshest organic produce possible. We use only the best ingredients around and the intense flavors really come through …

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  • The Many Wonders Of Coconut oil

    This coconut oil that we bought here in Uvita is cold-pressed and elaborated from fresh coconuts. In less than 48 hours from their collection, they are pressed and processed ensuring the freshest high quality coconut oil. Here in Costa Rica, coconuts are not treated with any chemical or solvent, so they …

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  • A Whale Of An Adventure

    While there are dozens of excursions that you can embark on every day, whale Watching is one of the main attractions here in Uvita Costa Rica. Lucky for us, the Ballena National Marine Park is home to the longest season for humpback whale watching in the world. It is also the home to the nation’s …

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  • The Bamboo Forest of Uvita

    Mother nature has bestowed more natural beauty to the lands of Costa Rica than to any other country that I have visited and that is a substantial list of places. With the picturesque landscapes all around, the tropical flowers of all kinds, thousands of species of birds, and the most colorful animals that you have …

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